Control Your Information Across the Web

Dock gives you ownership of your data and connects your online accounts using blockchain technology.

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Companies have their tentacles all over your data

Do You Control Your Data?

The short answer is no

Your personal information lives on thousands of websites and apps online. These sites often resell your info to data brokers, corporations and advertisers without your consent.

Take Back Control

Dock provides tools to manage your personal information and gives you full transparency into how and where it’s used.

Build your profile

Import your profile, network and other personal data in a few clicks.

Connect to apps

Choose apps to connect your information with.

Control what’s shared

Full transparency and control of how your information is used.

Secure Your Info with Custom Dock Apps

Get started with these apps to help you take back control of your information online.

Identity Scanner

See what information is publicly available about you online.

Data Breach Finder

See where your info has been exposed and start securing your accounts now!

Find My Accounts

Track all your accounts in one place. Delete the ones you don’t use anymore.

Unlock the Power of Apps

Unlock more features and capabilities when you connect to apps through Dock.

One Seamless Login

Dock provides one seamless login allowing you to instantly port information to and from any app in the Dock network.

You Own Your Data

Dock gives you complete ownership and control of your data by using blockchain technology and decentralizing authority.

A Cutting Edge Partnership

Dock was built to work with any app and is ready to support both traditional web platforms and blockchain projects.

For Developers

Build better apps with instant access to a wealth of knowledge about your users (with their consent, of course).

For Businesses

Customized scalable blockchain solutions to power your enterprise.

Powered by the DOCK token

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