Control Your Information Across the Web

Dock gives you ownership of your data and connects your online accounts using blockchain technology.

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Do You Control Your Data?

Your personal information lives on thousands of websites and apps online. Personal information is often resold in aftermarkets without people's knowledge.

What you think you’re sharing
What you’re probably sharing

Take Back Control

Dock provides tools to manage your personal information and gives you full transparency into how and where it’s used.

One Seamless Login

Dock provides one seamless login allowing you to instantly port information to and from any app in the Dock network.

Instantly take your information to any app in the Dock network

Connect to Apps

Explore apps you can connect to in a safe and secure manner, providing a new level of internet connectivity.

You Own Your Data

Dock gives you complete ownership and control of your data by using blockchain technology and decentralizing authority.

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