Build an Instant
Relationship With
Your Users

Dock gives you instant access to enriched
and up-to-date information about your users.
(With their consent, of course)

A Wealth of Information About Your Users

Wherever users have information, it’s rolled up into one source.

Basic Information

Updated avatar and basic user info from social and professional apps.

Work Experience

Professional work history from HR platforms and professional networks.


One giant list of connections, followers and contacts across networks.

Skills Assessment

Certified skills from assessment platforms and professional sites.


Reviews from freelance platforms, endorsements from professional sites.


Verified education details from schools, e-learning courses and more.

And Always Up-To-Date
User data is automatically updated across all apps, so it’s never out of date.

A Seamless Experience

The Dock protocol integrates seamlessly into your app so users will never have to leave your platform to connect to a growing repository of their personal data.