An autonomous network with open participation and governance

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Participant roles


Places order for records to be issued.

Issuing Operator

Executes order as they are placed by Issuers.


Validates transactions in the network and participates in consensus.


Any Dock token holder has the ability to vote on proposals and participate in consensus.

Production workflow

Credential issuing is the bloodline of the network and feeds demand. As Issuers request claims, operators process and issue claims. The Dock token is used to deter malicous attacks in the network.

DOCK token

The DOCK token enables a decentralized network with open participation and governance.


Token holders are able to submit proposals and vote on decisions contributing to network governance.

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Good actors are rewarded for contributing to the network and bad actors are published by losing stake.


Network participants use tokens to bond and for payments to place requests for issuing and executing those requests.

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Overview of the Dock blockchain and network.

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