DGP-2: Move Dock from Ethereum to Polkadot

Install Metamask or use a different browser
To vote, you will need to use a Web3 browser  or  install MetaMask which is a free browser extension to manage your Ethereum identity.
Alternatively, you can vote with MyCrypto.

Since Dock's inception the market has experienced many advancements in technology that enable faster development velocity, vastly improved scalability, on-chain governance upgrades, and far better user experiences. In this pivotal and exciting time, Dock Core Developers are preparing to release an updated lightpaper after alternative blockchain ecosystem choices have been evaluated. Read the full proposal: https://github.com/getdock/voting/blob/master/DGPs/DGP-2.md

1,979,872 DOCK VotedContract: 0xd65db8552e2c35f4853419658a5f4bfbb44a7573


89.87% - 1,779,444 DOCK


10.12% - 200,428 DOCK