DGP-1: The Dock Governance Proposal Process

Install Metamask or use a different browser
To vote, you will need to use a Web3 browser  or  install MetaMask which is a free browser extension to manage your Ethereum identity.
Alternatively, you can vote with MyCrypto.

This process is meant to be the first of several steps towards embracing decentralized governance for the betterment of the Dock network and community. We expect DGPs to be a driving force for community input on development decisions that are shaping the future of the Dock network. Read the full proposal: https://github.com/getdock/voting/blob/master/DGPs/DGP-1.md

1,779,357 DOCK VotedContract: 0xf5c57613806020a478e68df7b1ea186ef9206087


100% - 1,779,357 DOCK


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