A New Economy for
Personal Data

Data exchange and interoperability
powered by Ethereum and IPFS

Dock is a decentralized data exchange protocol giving people control and ownership of their data and creating interoperability between networks.

The Data Layer Powering Consumer Apps

Consumer apps will access personal data from the Dock Protocol at the full control of the end user.

An Open Network of Interoperability

Users seamlessly port data across apps unlocking new levels of connectivity and workflows. Apps can get updated information about their users in real-time.

Powered by the DOCK Token

The DOCK token transforms the internet, creating a new decentralized economy for data exchange across the web

  • Voting

    Token holders can introduce new proposals and vote on the future development roadmap of the protocol.

  • Accessing Data

    Applications use tokens when users want to access data via the protocol.

  • Sharing Data

    Applications are rewarded when users create new data to share via the protocol.

Powered by the DOCK token

Available on these exchanges

Meant to work with all consumer apps and networks

The Dock Protocol is designed to create open connectivity between all apps, networks and protocols working with personal data.

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