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Across the Web

Dock connects your profiles, reputations and networks into one sharable source using blockchain technology.

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Your Information Is All Over The Place

Your information lives in many places. Managing each source separately wastes time, loses value and gives you no control of how it’s stored or used.

Dock lets you create one sharable source for your profile, network, and professional reputation.

Updated Everywhere At Once

Update your information from any website in the Dock network and it’s automatically transferred to every other app you’re connected to.

Add a new skill to your profile

Say Goodbye to Long Sign Up Forms

Get instant access to your information when you sign up for a new application so you’ll never have to fill out manual forms with the same information again.

You’re in Full Control

You have complete control and ownership of your data. Choose which apps use your information and what is shared.

Powered by Blockchain

Dock is a decentralized protocol built on the security of blockchain technology.

How does the Dock protocol work?

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