Verifiable Claims

High-performance distributed ledger technology to produce verifiable claims at scale.

Reducing cost and complexity, enabling transformation

Dock reduces the cost barriers to seamlessly issue immutable, universally verifiable data at scale. This allows organizations to seamlessly issue high-value data, with a low-cost and always on high performant system.

An open and collaborative network

We believe in the efficiencies of collaboration and open standards and are building the trustless infrastructure to realize the vision of the internet.


Open and collaborative governance driven by the DOCK token.

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Contribute as an issuer or operator in the network.

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Web standards

Promoting an open and interoperable web through issuing standards.

Verifiable works with universities, trade associations and enterprise companies, providing a turn-key platform to issue verifiable credentials. The platform provides the ability to design credential templates, manage recipients and track business goals with analytics.

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Overview of the Dock blockchain and network.

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