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We’re a hard working group of thinkers, nerds, designers and blockchain enthusiasts unbound by location and spread across the globe.

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Nick MacarioCo-Founder & CEO Dock, Remote.comPreviously founder of Branded.me
Nick is a multi-time founder and technology executive with an exit. His previous company was branded.me, a professional networking site which grew to millions of users and was recognized for many awards and publications.
Elina CadouriCo-Founder & COO Dock, Remote.comPreviously founder of Outsource.com
Elina is a multi-time founder and veteran marketplace operator. Her previous company was Outsource.com, a freelance marketplace transacting tens of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue.
Avneet SinghCTOPreviously @ PayPal
Avneet spent the last decade leading architecture and API’s for PayPal, Cisco, and NASA. During his last year at PayPal he lead initiatives across Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Hyperledger fabric based projects.
Bernhard Borges, Ph.D.Chief Scientist
Bernhard brings over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing distributed systems. He previously held leadership positions at IBM, PwCC, and Modiot Labs. He embraces allergic rhinitis.
P. Fallon JensenHead of ProductPreviously @ LogMeIn
Kipp ChambersVP MarketingPreviously @ FullContact
Kipp brings 15 years' experience in multi-channel marketing to the Dock team. While at FullContact, he drove exponential growth across 3 different product lines.
Evgeniy ZabolotniyLead Blockchain EngineerPreviously @ Branded.me
Evgeniy brings over 10 years of experience as a systems architect, developer and security specialist. Previously he worked with Nick at branded.me as part of the founding team, and has been a core team member for over 3 years.
Todd ScheuringHead of DesignPreviously @ HoneyBook
Todd brings over 10 years of design and interactive development experience. Prior to Dock, he was a senior UX designer for Honeybook and led design for the network and growth teams.
Jeffry HarrisonDirector of PartnershipsPreviously @ The Muse
Jeffrey brings years of industry experience in both sales and recruiting. Prior to Dock he was a Team Lead at The Muse where he helped grow the sales team from 3 to over 40, and was responsible for some of the largest deals the company achieved.
Piotr ŚwięsBlockchain EngineerPreviously @ Hunted Hive
Piotr is a software engineer, architect and full-stack developer with over 10 years of experience, skilled in designing and implementing distributed systems with microservices architecture. He was previously with Hunted Hive.
Fausto WoelflinSenior EngineerPreviously @ Ampush
Fausto is a senior engineer who develops python-based microservices with Elasticsearch, Flask, Cassandra and Docker. He previously was with Ampush.
Sergey ErmakovichLead Frontend DeveloperPreviously @ Branded.me
Sergey brings 10 years of experience, specializing in front-end web development, reactive functional programming (RFP), and UI architecture. Sergey comes from branded.me and has been with the team for over 3 years.
Samuel HellawellSenior Frontend DeveloperPreviously @ Branded.me
Samuel is a senior engineer with a passion for developing quality applications, games and websites. He’s started and sold his own company, and was part of the founding team at branded.me prior to Dock.
Maciek BodekSenior Frontend DeveloperPreviously @ Shortlist.co
Maciek is a frontend engineer with ten years of experience crafting web products and complex interfaces ranging from portfolio microsites to agile SaaS startups.
Alexey ShestakovBackend DeveloperPreviously @ Branded.me
Steven PattisonOperations ManagerPreviously @ Codex Worlds
Norma BarraganCustomer Success ManagerPreviously @ Outsource.com
Crystal CervantesCustomer SuccessPreviously @ Outsource.com
Pabelyn LabesoresCustomer SuccessPreviously @ Branded.me
Oleksandra ZabolotnaCustomer SuccessPreviously @ Branded.me
Vanessa UrdialesCustomer SuccessPreviously @ Outsource.com
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Mike MillerTechnicalGeneral Partner at Liquid2. Particle Physicist at MIT, CERN and UW
Lasse ClausenFundraisingAdvisor to: Request Network, Apex, FundRequest
Christopher HeymannTechnicalAdvisor to: Request Network, Apex, FundRequest
Avish BhamaStrategyFounder and ceo, sonia.ai
Darius RugStrategyAdvisor to: Shyft, Wepower, Current, Apex
Lester LimMarketingAdvisor to: Selfkey, Coinfi, Ink Protocol
Andrew SpenceMarketingWorkforce Industry Leader, Author, & Founder of Glass Bead Consulting


Our Mission

We believe in a more open and connected internet. We believe you deserve complete control of your information including how and where it’s used. We are on a mission to provide a better solution.